does it count as snooping...

  1. if you husband leaves the coach receipt out on the kitchen table in plain view?

    *whispers...he got me a medium carly! he got me a medium carly*
  2. HAHAHAHAH!!!!
    Just act surprised when you open it :p
  3. DID HE REALLY?!?!? hahahaha I'd be quiet and pretend I didn't see. My Hub loves the surprise factor!
  4. ok - i will act surprised! trust me!

    i'll be doing this --> :yahoo:

    got a med carly in khaki/black...yay!
  5. I'm so jealous of all you who have these wonderful thoughtful husbands. My DH would NEVER do something like this. Hooray for you!!!
  6. took a WHOLE lot of hinting...and the surrendering of my PCE card! trust me!

    this is the first (and most likely last) bag my dh has EVER bought me.

    something about 'not wanting to feed the addiction'...heheh
  7. Congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Did the receipt say what color it is?!?! :graucho:
  8. yep.
    khaki/black (my FOURTH color option...but whatever...i know it'll be gorg)

    now I'm working my brother over for the legacy ponytail scarf to tie on it. hehehe
  9. sounds yummy!! and since its your fourth option.. I guess you'll have to get another one down the road :p:upsidedown:
  10. Yeah! Another sweet husband! Congrats on having your wish come true!
  11. oh man, that's on him!!! :graucho: Congrats, that is my very favorite bag!!! :tup:
  12. Not at all, but I agree, touch up on that surprise face! :p

    Congrats in advance!
  13. Definitely act surprised and enjoy our Coach christmas!
  14. awwww, congrats. what a sweetie! my dh would totally leave the reciept out too! or leave the box in his car and i just happen to have to move it! (his car, not the box!):angel:
  15. What a great gift!