Does it cost $150 US global express to send this Gucci bag?

Nov 20, 2006
Hi guys I won this item on ebay and i know it's auth but the seller is saying to send global express it would b $150 US!!!!

Item number: 200054508037

• Handbag measures approximately 12¼'' at widest x 5½'' tall at center x 5¼'' deep
• Bag weighs approximately 2 lbs.

I have never EVER been charged that much postage from the US. The max i ever been charged was $60 US and that even included glbal express with online tracking, insurance up 2 $1000!!!
Nov 11, 2006
Hi! Sorry - I saw you posted on your other thread. I have no idea b/c I haven't shipped to Australia, but the seller is definitely gouging on U.S. shipping. There is no way that bag costs $27.20 to ship flat rate. Even priority mail with insurance it would only be ~ $15 USD.

It may be too late now because you've already paid. Did she give you a shipping quote before you won and is now changing it? Or did she quote this from the beginning?

Shipping insurance does nothing for you. It protects the seller/shipper, not the reciever. If the bag gets lost in the mail, the shipper puts in the claim and is the one to get paid. She would then use that money to refund you. If you choose the $45 registered mail without insurance, and the bags get lost, PayPal will still make the seller refund you because you didn't receive your bags, and the seller will just have to eat the cost of the bags. If she is offering you registered postage for significantly less I would pay that, since all the risk is on her and not on you.

Hope this helps!
Nov 20, 2006
no i havent paid yet thank god. I have put on this ebay board and they said probably best to take the global mail registered which i did ask the seller before hand and it was $45 but doesnt include insurance. In this case i cannot afford to loose the purse so yea better safe than sorry.

It sounds ridiculously expensive! Unless apparently she will b using global express guaranteed which does cost around $120 US to post for 5lbs


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006
It costs me about 75US to ship regular air internationally from Canada - tracking, delivery confirmation and 100Cdn insurance. Express is indeed about 130-150US with full insurance.

Where is the seller shipping from?

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
Click the Live Chat link at the top of the eBay homepage and talk to an eBay rep. They can pull up your auction and tell you how to handle this mess.

The price you are being quoted is INSANE! What did her listing say on the shipping charge? You may be stuck if you didn't ask her S&H charge before you bid/BIN. Do still Live Chat and tell the eBay rep what this idiot is trying to charge you because eBay has been cracking down on exhorbitant S&H charges lately.

Keep us posted.
Nov 20, 2006
$45 standard shipping registered global mail. She did specify this I think i understand mayb she is calculating global express guarantee which ifoverall is 5lbs b $120 from, plus registered fees is $7.90 and $500 worth of insurance b about $7.05 i think and box and packaging.

This may explain why its close to $150 all up.