Does it convert ?

  1. into this
    [​IMG] or is this a totally different bag ?
  2. If you mean does the MA convert into the bag above, then no, it does not. The bag pictured above is the MA Hobo which is a completely different bag. HTH!:yes:
  3. thank you... ^^ that is what I was wondering.
  4. in any event I think this is a hot bag... Hmmm Might have to keep my eye out :smile: for one in the future.
  5. ^That bag is super hard to find. I used to have one but sold it to make room for more MAMs. Its no longer being made, just so you know:yes:
  6. thanks you for that info... I will keep it in mind.
    I guess I should just wait for my first and enjoy it for a while... LOL
  7. ^ That MA Hobo is on the 'bay right now. A little steep in price though in my opinion. ;)
  8. I'm watching it but I doubt anyone would pay the BIN for it.
  9. IMO, the price of that MA Hobo on eBay isnt bad at all. Ive seen them retail in stores for anywhere from $625 to $695, and since they are so hard to find now, I think it is a fair price. Of course, the starting price is better than the BIN, but still, all in all, its a good deal