Does it bother you...

  1. when after you have been using a purse and the handles patina but have like maybe some lead pokes/marks from a pencil or maybe a minor pen slash or maybe some water marks on the handles. my purse handles on my speedy have become a lil dirty? it doesnt bother me, because i look as it as a purse and you carry it with you hand and therefore it will become dirty.

    how about you guys? are yall anal about keeping you handles clean or do you just use ur purse and it doesnt mind you that there are water marks or pen marks on it?

    thanks :flowers:
  2. i view a purse with natural leather that it was intended to oxidize, and since the leather is not treated it may become dirty!
  3. OMG!!! If you saw the handles on all my LVs you would probably faint! They are kind of dirty looking. But it doesn't bother me. I know if will blend in with patina eventually.
  4. lol, same i know that but sometimes my aunts all blab about how there handles are so immaculatly clean and im like poor speedy :sad:
  5. awww i was sooo extra cautious of the rain when i first got my speedy and it rained all the time but now i dont care, its started to patina and theyre not really showing either but yano its a bag.
    The handles have started to get dirty though but i mean with a handheld bag ITS GOING TO HAPPEN lol
  6. No, dirty handles don't bother me at all, unless they are black dirty! I tend to keep my handles pretty clean, but they are bound to get dirty!
  7. lol i was never catious of the rain with my new bags even though my mom told me not to go out in the rain with a light vachetta bag and what happens, im out at the zoo one day and it happens to pour down rain, poor vavin gm :sad:

    but it all dried up now
  8. i try to be as careful as i can with my bags, especially the handheld ones like my trouville, speedy, manhattan pm and denim neo-speedy. but after a while i just resigned myself to the fact that i will never be able to keep them spotless, so now that i've shining monkeyed the hell out of them i'm hoping i can handle them less retardedly and prevent them from getting too dirty.
  9. lol less retardly.

    i should have been like you (yeuzhonnetes) with my new bags :sad:
  10. :biggrin:

    i think as long as the handles don't turn that horrible blackish brown then it's ok

    i also have (older) aunts whose bags have really clean handles but dirty piping/trim, which make the bags look funny, so sometimes i feel like asking them if they wear gloves when they carry their bags.
  11. It bugs me =/ but after a while I'm like eh
  12. I try not to use lotion before I pick up my LV's with vachetta. If I do, I wipe my hands off before picking my bags up. I'm not as bad with my travel pieces as I am with my handbags b/c I don't the travel pieces are going to get dirty anyway.
  13. *looks at water spots and smudges on Speedy handles*


  14. I try to be as careful as I can, but I do have 3 kids!
  15. i just pretty much dont care about the handles lol

    its all lotionified