Does it bother you?

  1. When you see a bag you sold being RESOLD at a higher price by the buyer within a week? LOL

  2. no...why would it:shrugs:
  3. I think if you sold it - it's up to the buyer what they do with it... IMO...
  4. Not at all! I would be happy my bag was sold at the first place since I know eBay is totally unpreditable.
  5. Nope. I doesn't matter to me what someone does with their item after they pay me what I want for it.
  6. nope doesn't bother me either
  7. it annoys me. well it used to. now i price my stuff high. LOL.

    then again i buy and resell so it really shouldn't.

    the first thing i ever sold the person who bought it resold it for more USING MY PICS. omg i was pissed.
  8. I know it shouldn't bother..I was just really surprised to see it back on eBay so fast! Probably bothers me more because I really was torn about selling it in the first place.:crybaby:
  9. lately i've been listing stuff low in order to clear it out of my house. i did a big time clear out in dec too. i was so upset to see a ton of stuff sell for more from the people who bought it from me. esp because i had lost money on a bunch of it. but then i thought "ech, it's out of here. that's all i wanted" plus some money is better than none...
  10. It wouldn't really bother me but it would probably make me think "why didn't i sell at that price to begin with?" :push:
  11. It doesn't bother me as long as I got what I wanted/expected out of it. If I didn't get enough for it when I sold it, I try to learn from that mistake.

    Separate but related note...I have been kinda amazed at people in the past who have emailed me (as a seller) and said, "I see you paid xxxx for this and now you are trying to sell it for xxx!" like it's some big AHA! amazing mystery that they have solved. :lol: I'm always polite in my responses, but at the same time I'm kind of like, "um, AND?". A lot of times my listing is better, and my pics are better, and I do a better job of describing the item and maybe my FB is even better than the original seller, so I don't see what the problem with me maximizing my profits. A thing is only worth what someone will pay for it at that moment and it's not like I somehow prevented "my" buyer from seeing it the first time it was listed (cheaper).
    BTW Grace123, I am not saying your listing for whatever it was wasn't good! I'm just saying that I can often grab things relatively inexpensively on eBay because of listings that aren't 100% up to snuff. And often, I turn around and resell them for more. :tup:
  12. I have gotten a purse before and when I got decided for whatever reason, size, exact condition etc that the purse wasn't for me. Rather than treat the seller like a dept store which we all complain about as sellers, then I resale it. We were telling another Ebayer that she should tell someone who bought a speedy from her to resale it rather than treat her like a dept store, so this instance really is no different. I bought a purse for my mother once who was determined terminal w/ cancer and I just did not feel in my heart there was any way I could keep the purse knowing it was meant for her. So, I sold it rather than burden that seller with what was my issue.
  13. Same here. The only thing that would bother me is if I had a bag listed and had a bunch of watchers but it went for a low amount, then the person who won it would turn around and have a LOT of bids and sell it for a higher price.
  14. Although I agree that a buyer can do whatever they want with it after it's theirs, it would bother me if they got a lot more for it. Or maybe I just would be a tad jealous
  15. I am never irritated or bothered by this but it has taught me that I have a fatal tendency to underestimate the value of most of what I list on Ebay!