Does It Bother You That....

  1. the bottom corners of both the PST and GST bend inwards over time? (almost looks a little smashed in on the bottom with use). It just bugs me. I was looking at mine and most of the pics posted by PFers, and theirs do the same thing (except when they are brand spanking new). I know....I must be nuts. Hope everyone knows what I am talking about. LOL

    Does this bother any of you too?
  2. Not sure what you are talking about - but now that you have brought this up I will go home and look at all my GSTs......:confused1:
  3. I know what you mean. I make it a point to hang mine on the door. I never put them on the floor!
  4. Although my PST is still new and "stiff", I haven't seen the corners do that yet. However, I've seen fellow PF'ers whose bags do that. It doesn't quite bother me but yet it hasn't happened to me yet so ask me when it happens to :pme personally!
  5. oh, i see people IRL all the time with bent out of shape GST's! Some of them look like their car ran over it. Makes me so upset because I really want one, but I guess you have to take reaaaaaally good care of it.
  6. Hhm.. never notice that before... I want a PST/GST too
  7. my pst is only 4 months old so i haven't noticed this yet. the bag has become less rigid over time, though, which i love!
  8. Hmm is a good thing you ladies brought this up. Is there anything to do that can prevent this from happening?
  9. Hang it on something. Don't put it on any surface ;)
  10. no, it doesn't bother me.
    I mean, it IS leather, leather is pliable, it's natural to me:shrugs:
  11. I believe it happens because it's a handmade bag. so the shape isn't perfect. KWIM?
    Well my suggestion is, if it's still new and it bugs you A LOT, why don't you go back to the boutique and chose the better one - if there's any.

    I know it involves lots of money so we might want the perfect one :smile:. Know how you feel.
  12. the thing is this will happen over time to any GST or PST you choose.

    There's just more wieght toward the top. . . .
    it's leather gals! :biggrin:
  13. I don't mind at all! It makes it less rigid looking.
  14. ITA with Swanky, this wouldn't bother me all bags change shape over time even if you don't use them and keep them in storage.