Does it annoy you when other brands do woven leather?

  1. It really bugs me when I see other relatively expensive brands make bags with woven leather. Of course, I know that BV is not the first to use woven leather, but surely at this point they are the only design house using it as their signature look. I somehow feel other brands are “stealing”, almost, or taking something away from the uniqueness of BVs.
    The same goes for the Chanel (my other love!) quilting – the quilting on Marc Jacobs bags seem like such a rip-off to me!
    Does anyone feel similarly?
  2. No, it doesn't really bother me. In some ways there is a lot of "stealing" between different brands. If I wanted a specific woven bag I'd go with BV though since the leather is awesome.
  3. Not the woven leather copies, but the MJ quilt bugged me a bit. So blatantly Chanel. Obviously now we all kinda got used to it. I think LV (designed by Marc Jacobs!) has been doing a fair bit of copying over the last few years.
  4. All brands copy each other. If you read Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edward-Jones, you see how designers either go to the same Trends Bureau, the same Leather of Material fairs, the same 2nd hand boutiques to get 'inspiration'.
    As far as MJ is concerned, it's only fair that for once, he copies something, as, usually, just about everybody copies him.
    Besides, fashion is just taking old things and trying to make them look fresh and new. It's repetition. After all, what is left to be invented?
    And as far as working on leather is concerned, there are not 10000 ways to do it. So you are bound to have to either weave it (like BV), distress it (like Balenciaga), quilt it (like Chanel), 'beat' it (like Paddington), print it (like Etro).
    But I guess that if Chanel is so known for the quilting, and BV for the weaving, it means that they each have reached a level of quality in the process that no one can match.
  5. I catch myself thinking the same as you do when I see woven leather; then I think that it's not patented (as far as I know) so others can do it, but no one can do it like BV. It doesn't bother me much. The MJ quilting on some bags really looks like Chanel, like you said, so maybe Chanel lovers have similar feelings. The designer that bugs me the most is L.A.M.B.--most of those bags look similar to a style that another designer has already produced; IMO not much original in that line.
  6. I was only slightly annoyed a year or two ago when that "saddle bag" came out. Everyone was oooing and ahhhing about it (thinking it was a BV) and wasn't even woven, it was embossed!
  7. No, not at all.

    I'm sure people wove leather before BV! :biggrin:
  8. It doesn't really bother me about the woven leather bags...I still think BV's quality is much higher than the other ones...
  9. Doesn't bother me, but I do immediately in my mind compare and everything comes up lacking against BV w/ regard to woven, IMO there's just no comparison. Which is why I'm saving up for 2 next Fall! :heart:
  10. this doesn't bother me too much. It only takes one touch to appreciate the suppleness of BV leather. This is NOT the case for other brands. I am yet to see another brand match the quality that BV has.
  11. I'm not sure if it actually bothers me so much as seeing another woven bag immediately reminds me of BV and my LUST for one!