Does it always seem like...

  1. whenever elux has the free shipping promotion, they don't have in stock what you really really really want???? Or is it just me??

    Mind you, I loooooove their free shipping thing, but....

    I keep refreshing and hoping I will see, well, I don't know, but something that I can't live without. I did happen to get the frambroise barette yesterday and it quickly disappeared after I bought it.
  2. ((off topic)) i love ur LV mink scarf too!!!! it's so pretty :smile:
  3. Thanks, Priscilla!!!
  4. OMG that mink scarf is tdf..sorry but i had to say it
  5. it's not the stock... it's i never have the money.. btw, yes. that scarf is just amazing. my envy is as boundless as the dark. *swoons*

  6. Yes, I know what you mean about not being in stock.
  7. it's not just you... that happened to me this time last year when i really really wanted the pochette florentine w/ its corresponding belt... i was sooooo mad!
  8. Yes, I guess I keep hoping maybe the Bindi sunglasses or some random bag will show up---one time the blue global cabas showed up (many many many months ago) and I was stoked!! But no flashes of what's on my wish list (like the Azur speedy) has shown up....