Does it always have to be woven...

  1. for it to 'feel' like BV? I am looking at two bags at the moment and the one is deerskin leather with just a bit of woven leather detail in the handle.

    Is it weird that it somehow doesnt seem like BV? Do any of you have non-woven bags? Do you still get the BV vibe?
  2. Two of my favorite BVs are non woven. They are not the first thing most people think of when you mention BV but I think many of the non-woven styles are classic and unique.
  3. i totally agree...

    i really love the classic catalano shopper which is made from catalano calf and it`s totally plain with braided handles...

    so, intrecciato might be their characteristic style but bv is a whole lot more than that...

    think of the exotic does them so good and yet most of them is not woven...
  4. love the non woven bv as well. also the bags that are a combination of woven and non woven leathers. they also do a beautiful canvas tote with braided handles.
  5. I have some non-woven BV's and I love them as much as the others. One is a deerskin tote with a band of woven leather around it and a braided handle. Another is a smaller hobo in deerskin, no woven leather at all. And a couple of canvas bags--a satchel and a tote. I love lots of different BV styles.
  6. Personallly, I love the intrecciato weave, and it will be present on any BV bag I own; it's the one thing that drew me to Bottega in the first place. However, the more I see and feel BV's, the more I realize it's not just the weave but the quality of the leather, how soft it is, that distinguishes it as a BV.
  7. For me it has to be woven :yes:

    But I am new to BV and I'm sure as my collection grows then I will look to the other non-woven designs as well :drool:
  8. I concur with ouija board. The intrecciato weave is quintessentially BV to me, but in the end it's about the quality of the leather, not to mention the phenomenal seasonal colors!
  9. Doesn't have to be woven, IMO. I love the Catalano leather choices with the slightly detail trim along the handles. The quality, the feel and the little details make it BV.
  10. While the Intrecciato is a distinct feature, I don't think not having Intrecciato makes anything any "less BV". I really like the Julie even though the style doesn't have Intrecciato on it. :yes:
  11. well, in the end I went for it anyway - I mean the non-weave. I liked the style of the bag, and the colour, plus I had eyed a similar style from another designer - but this one is so much better bec it is BV! will post pics when I get it.

    so I guess my answer to my own question (haha) is: no it doesn't have to be woven, always. plus it has some woven detailing in the handle - very understatement chic!
  12. lara, can’t wait to see your new goodie!
  13. It's about the material, style, details, and colors available at BV. For example, I have a pair of malva moleskin pants that are quite plain, but if you look closely, you'll notice the braided trim around the pockets and intrecciato belt loops. Those little details are what makes BV so appealing to me.
  14. Can't wait to see your new purchase, lara!

    :yes: Much like the tiny butterfly that's etched on one end of the silver intrecciato bracelet!
  15. i think the most important is the quality of the leather and BV has the high quality. as for the woven, i think that's what makes BV bags look classic and ageless. :smile: