Does it actually mean anything?

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  1. I have bought an item on eBay from a US seller (im in UK) it was a non bag purchase so only £24.

    It hasnt arrived yet - i am willing to wait the 30 days and then file a Paypal claim (just before dealine)

    I have contacted the seller and explaining it hasnt arrived and other items ive purchased from the US (a long time afterwards) have now arrived. And she said that it states on her auction that unless i pay extra for insurance, loss in the post is my responsibility so i wont get my money back if it never arrives as i didnt pay for insurance.

    Does this disclaimer really mean anything??
    Can i still claim with paypal if it doesnt come? Or am i wasting my time?

    Thanks in advance
  2. The claim about insurance is absolute rubbish - it's the sellers job to include insurance, or insist their buyers pay for it because if the bag gets lost you can most certainly file a Paypal claim for "Item not received" and Paypal will (attempt) to take back your money from her account. Failing that, if you paid by CC, you could initiate a chargeback with your bank (not whilst the PP claim is still open). With Ebay as it is right now, looking after the buyers, the seller should be doing everything she can to cover her back so i would wait a sensible amount of time and then open that claim - there won't be much the seller can do....Lots of Ebay experienced people round here, sure someone else can offer an opinion :smile:
  3. You did not point out when you bought the long it has been. If you paid with PayFoe and the item is lost, it's the seller's loss, not yours.
  4. I bought the item on 28th of Dec - so im still within the 30 days. Is 30 days the right amount of time Paypal gives you??
  5. Actually, I think you can open a dispute after day #10; you don't have to wait 30 days, and you have up to 45 days to open a dispute. You bought it the 28th, but when did she mail it, and how? Did you ask the seller? I wouldn't be talking about lost packages with the seller at this point. I would be asking about the date she mailed the package and the method/service she used.
  6. Thats what i asked the seller - i wasnt beng nasty at all i simply said i hadnt received it yet but i appreciated it was mailed at a busy time of year and could she confirm the shipping date. I was told it was shipped on 31st Dec, but then she said about the insurance i didnt get so i couldnt claim even if it didnt turn up. I havent replied to her again she seemed kinda quick to jump onto the insurance thing.
  7. I'm guessing that there was no tracking number?

    I agree that you can definitely file an INR with paypal regardless of what she has said, it is her responsibility to get the item to you. But because it is an international transaction, I would probably wait until it has been 3 weeks since she had shipped it before I would file.
  8. Nope no tracking.

    I agree im not the most patient person in the world but im prepared to wait 30 days before filing a claim - i was just checking if the worse happened would i be covered.

    Thanks everyone for your advice.
  9. The seller should've given you the date and the method of shipping. For international transactions, I would allow three weeks before opening an INR dispute with PayFoe. However, if the seller acts suspisiously, refuses to give out detailed info about the shipping, or is an a$$, I would open a dispute after two weeks if I had a bad feeling about the situation.