Does Isabella Fiore get faked??

  1. Just wondering if these bags are also made counterfeit??

    I have my eye on one.

  2. yes, the are faked now.
  3. I've not seen a fake one yet.

  4. You can find a fake of almost any bag now. Don't take for granted that certain bags aren't popular.
  5. Why search for a fake IF bag when you can get the real thing?
    I've not seen one simply because I wasnt looking for pun intended elongreach. I got an IF Audra bag which for me is the best
    HOBO bag in my collection. ;)

  6. ^^^Why are you taking this so personally? luvs2shopalot asked a question and I answered it. Didn't have anything to do with you.
  7. Sorry elongreach...pls accept my apology.
    I'm not taking it personally...just thought I should say something about taking not so "popular bags for granted". We're all bag lovers after all.

  8. Well it's the truth. People want to get IF bags or Kooba or other brands that aren't things that you see everyday, but search ebay with the presumption that they are real because they aren't as popular as other bags which are faked a lot.

    People need to do their research whether it's IF or something else because EVERYTHING is faked nowadays.
  9. here's a pic of a fake one . I did a search on a fake-o site and got over fifty fake IF bags back . They definitely fake 'em .
  10. Has anyone seen the Oasis Kate bags faked? Is there anyone here who knows what I should look for on these bags?

    I'm not naive by any means and I did NOT search ebay "presuming" that they weren't faked...hence why I came here to ask if anyone else knew.

    Thanks SophiaLee for your post!
  11. I haven't seen ALOT of fake IFs but I've seen a few. The one thing about some of their elaborite bags...I think it would be a chore to fake a bag that is heavily detailed with beads and such so one of the Fake IF's I saw was easy to spot because not enough effort was put into making it as detailed and elaborate as the real deal. It "looked" cheap. I have heard that the Older IF bag detaling dogs have been faked alot and I can imagine the Summer of Love bags like shown above would be a big target for fakes.
    I am a huge IF fan and my Audra is also my favorite Hobo. What a bag!!!
    It's true that Kooba and IF's aren't the most popular bags. But it's odd I guess because they are my most 2 favorite bags and I always ebay with fakes in mind. There are far more fake Kooba's on Ebay that real ones. I've seen fakes of even the lesser popular styles of Kooba, not just Siennas. Actually...buying a Kooba on Ebay is a huge chore to make sure you get an authentic.
  12. I've seen a faked Quilty Pleasures hobo.. so yea..
  13. Let me be clear with my post. I'm not saying anything mean or impolite to anyone. I just answered the question. I never said you or anyone else did search ebay thinking that they weren't fake. What I did was say some people who may not have the knowledge of the PF may not know they are faked. No one said you were naive, hence the reason I answered the first time. I answered the second time to clarify my first post to hysteria.
  14. I think everything gets faked now... even cars (like the old Hyundai Sonata that tries to look like a Jag!). Go to Target, and if it's copy is there, don't get it.
  15. Hi Luvs2shop! As you can see by my name I :heart: IF.

    Okay, this is only my opinion, but I do consider it an educated opinion...I don't even want to admit how many IF bags I own, let alone haven't even used. Oh boy. Anyway, I am always looking at what is available on ebay and I have only seen a fake Audra and it was obvious. True, it is possible there are more fakes and I just have not seen them, I guess. Most of what is on ebay are used bags from personal collections or wholesalers who are able to offer multiples under retail.

    ^^^I would be willing to bet that the Summer of love tattoo bag shown above is the real thing, if not then it's an awesome fake.

    Anyway, good luck! If you want an opinion on an auction feel free to PM me, I'm happy to help.:yes: