Does insurance count as confirmation?

  1. I sold an item (it was pretty high value) and I offered the buyer tracking but they chose to insure it only. I shipped to a confirmed address, but my question is do I need to have delivery confirmation just in case? (Yes, I probably should have asked before shipping it out) Can they file a non-delivery claim even if I have insurance forms to prove it was shipped? Thanks.
  2. Technically insurance isn't a tracking device. However, if there are issues then the PO can track it using the insurance number. I have actually had them do that before, although maybe I just got a nice employee. Signature confirmation is required by Paypal if the item is over $250 (i think), should any disputes arise. Hopefully it won't even be an issue though!
  3. It was about $200 as the final value, but I only put insurance as that's all the buyer asked for. Just curious has this has ever happened to anyone else?
  4. According to my local post office, if the insurance value is more than $100, it has to be signed for.
    So I guess, if there is any problem, USPS has a copy of whomever sign the package.
  5. I've had packages shipped to me that were value a little higher than $100 but I've never had to sign for them...

    My main question is would paypal take insurance as proof of delivery?
  6. Paypal requires tracking on every single item paid for through them regardless of cost. If over $250 they also require signature.
  7. Delivery confirmation and insurance is for the protection of the seller, not the buyer. I always incur the extra cost or factor it into the shipping charges.
  8. I believe Paypal looks at proof of delivery as any service (UPS Fedex USPS) that you can enter in your tracking number online and see that it was delivered (and signed for if $250+, I believe). If the package is over a certain amount they have to sign for it, BUT I dont know if that is available for Paypal to see online. My guess is no, but I do believe you can get hard copy proof for a fee from the USPS and send that off to paypal if you had to.

    For the future if its over $100 do Signature confirmation for everything, it protects you not the buyer. I just add it in the shipping fee! But Delivery Confirmation is not enough for them if it is expensive, it says it right in the "print a shipping label" screen in paypal.

    Good Luck.
  9. No, they don't. For items less than $250 in value you need a delivery confirmation, which insurance does not count as. Items $250 and higher need a signature confirmation. Insurance alone provides no tracking information and PayPal will not accept it as proof of delivery.
  10. ^^Good to know! Delivery and Signature confirmation are so cheap and worth it! Postal employees have given me different answers on these same questions so I say do it no matter what!

  11. :yes: Totally agree - these are for your benefit, not the buyer - if the item gets lost it's up to the seller to file a claim and recoup the money, not the buyer, so I insure and get tracking on every item I send, regardless of value.