does holt renfrew authenticate balenciagas?

  1. i am wondering if holt renfrew offer that service?
  2. don't think so... the SAs there hardly know enough about the season's colours... :yucky:
  3. Exactly...I dont think they would know how to authenticate even if they did
  4. There is the same inexperience with SA's everywhere!
  5. I agree, I wouldn't count on them being able to authenticate anything to be honest.:yes:
  6. Actually Holt Renfrew wants absolutely nothing to do with authentifying anything. I had an issue with a pair of fake True Religion jeans about a year ago and they wanted nothing of it. Unless the item was purchased at their store they will not get involved.
  7. so how do we authenticate a b-bag in toronto? :hrmm:
  8. Maybe you can try taking a lot of pictures of the bag (tags, hardwares, etc) & have the experts in this forum help you look at it. I think this is way better than asking ppl in holts to look at the bag for you as they know NOTHING about b-bag! I live in Edmonton & when I tell the SA that I want to look @ the "City". They are like, "huh?!?!" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  9. I agree! With the exception of a select few who I have had wonderful experiences with, it seems like too many of the SA's favorite words are:
    "This is the arena leather bag" and "Can I wrap this up for you now?" (usually after I've only seen the bag for less than one minute). But again I don't want to generalize, many of the SA's at Holt's are truly great!
  10. Most store will NOT authenticate items...even if they carry that item. It is a legal issue...authenticating something that's not, etc. And if you find an SA that will do it, chances are he/she is not supposed to.

    And you'd normally hear the standard, "We highly recommend that you purchase all your Balenciagas from us or any other licensed retailer..."

    w/c sounds fair to me.