does Hermes use croc embossed leather?

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  1. Does Hermes have crocodile embossed leather you can use if you dont want to use real crocodile skin?

    Would like one in the future!

    I love the way reptile and crocodile leather looks, and i love the feel of fur, but i just dont think it matches my way of thinking. I have nothing against people who decides to wear fur or croc skin. (Just wanted to make that clear!)

  2. Nope
  3. ah ok, thanks. Now i know!
  4. I think not.
  5. yeah, that would be like H blasphemy... :roflmfao:
  6. Definitely not.. it has been known as a luxury house and uses luxurious materials..
  7. I dont think so.
  8. :nogood:
  9. Definitely not! In Sweden there is an actress something C-list celebrity who has two embossed crocodile "birkins" and people think they're real just because she is somekind of minicelebrity!? Yuck!

  10. Who is that? I must have missed that:biggrin:
  11. Haha she sang some kind of eurovision song I think. Don't remember her name right now though.
  12. charlotte nilsson?
  13. never and to tell you the truth im happy about it leather is meant to look like leather and croc like croc so i think hermes is so perfect in this sense i would hate to wear my crocs and find someone with a mock croc birkin . if this is what you want then hermes is not the option THANK GOD!!!
  14. Oh, ok, thanks:biggrin:
  15. There are plenty of mock croc Bikins around, didn´t you know:P