Does Hermes still send a catalog?

  1. Hi!

    I've been lurking here for a while, probably because I'm thinking my bags need to be upated, and of course gravitated to the best of the best, Hermes!

    My DH and I used to go to Hermes in Paris every year and buy gifts, horse tack, scarves, some clothes, etc. Strangely(!) I only got one bag, a red mini Kelly that I still have and still love. We used to get a catalog in the mail from Hermes every year and I'm wondering if they still do this for regular customers?

    I really enjoy all the knowledge here. You guys are AMAZING!
  2. Yes they do although I usually have to drive to the store and snag one.
  3. Ahh, thanks! I live in Oregon and next time I'm in SF plan on stopping by Hermes. The other day I got my DH to stop in the Singapore store for me but no Birkins at all. At least he tried!
  4. the only catalog i've seen is the one where they have pics of their stuff. no prices though. i guess that's what you mean. i grabbed it from the store.

    and red mini kelly?? please feel free to show her off! i'd love to see a pic!
  5. :yes:
    I'm going to get a pic of the mini and use it as my avatar. First I'm going to have to either get a new camera or get this one fixed AGAIN...battery lid problem.
    When I bought my bag I didn't even think about the type of leather so am sort of curious. It has a longer handle than the ones now. I use it for a not too formal evening bag.
  6. can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:
  7. I used to live in Vancouver Wa. :smile:
  8. Vancouver! Aren't you someplace warmer now? I'm in Portland and spend a lot of time in Seattle as well. It's really foggy and cold here today. Dismal in fact but I guess it builds character. :rolleyes: LOL...
  9. yes, they still do send out catalogues and it has the prices on the back.