Does Hermes still sell their "Rouge Lipstick"?

  1. Does Hermes still sell the Rouge Lipstick? I called the one close to me and here is how it went:

    her: Good morning, Hermes of Paris, how may I be of service?

    me: Hi, good morning. Do you still sell the Rouge Lipstick?

    her: the transparent or the matte?

    me: the matte, please.

    her: hold on a second, let me check if we have any. (pause.........)
    I'm sorry, I think it's been discontinued.

    me: oh, ok. Thanks.

    Is this accurate, or is the lipstick being reserved for "other clients" only? I hope not!
  2. Hermes made lipstick? Wow!
  3. its there on the US website for $25
  4. OK, I've scoured the US site and can't find it. Poo.
  5. its very much there when i had seen few minutes back
  6. when i went in to the store on madison to buy my perfume, which is part of the same line, rouge, a few months back, the SA acted like she had never heard of it, and there were plenty down below on a shelf. some of them, sadly, are a bit clueless.
  7. AHA!!!! Thanks Rose and Umamamikan!
  8. OMG and i thought she was referring to the rouge lipstick color LOL
  9. i had no idea that hermes had lipstick. does anyone own? how RED is it? and does it fall under blue-red, pink-red, or orange-red? i'm very tempted.... i love red lipstick!
  10. I heard about the lipstick on a magazine once..they sounded nice.. I WANT ONE !
    But when I put the lipstick on the Hermes website..the total is $25 +$25 shipping.....I think I'll get one in the store and see the color better in person..
  11. ^^ what a shame they are charging a flat fee shipping rate. The H lipstick price is comparable to Chanel, YSL, etc
  12. I tried it - it looked AWFUL on me...I mean AWFUL! And it tasted VERY perfumed, too. LOL! That was a LOOOOONG time ago, I actually didn't think they still made it.

  13. Sabrina, I have to laugh because it feels like you ask the same question that came to my mind. :shame: