Does Hermes service Sale items?

  1. Oh boy, I bet you all missed me and my neophyte questions while I was away!! (Don't worry I'll be going on another vacation with limited access to Internet in August!)
  2. There have been several threads discussing this issue, but I am not the person to search for them, as my technological ability is sorely lacking. But they might help to fill in the discussion.
    The concensus, as well as my personal experience, is that Hermes will refurbish sale items ---- in fact I have a sale item at the spa as we speak. What they won't touch are the "shooting star" craftsmen bags.
  3. Yes, as far as I know, they do.

    The only items they don't service are those with a shooting star: the theory being that the craftsman who made the item should be able to service it him/herself.
  4. Yes, as long as it was not a sales item sold to a staff member, in which case I understand they are marked. HG????
  5. thanks so much all!
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  9. Yes. They can be sticky about the shooting star bag made by craftsman for personal use or bags that were sold on sale to employee.
  10. I can see craftsmen can service the bags they made but what are the employees supposed to do?
  11. ^^ I could be totally wrong.....HG??
  12. LZ mentioned that also the 'sale to employee' bags can be serviced but IIRC there has to be some time (like a year or so) before you can bring it in.