Does Hermes really need to *know* you before you can get on a Birkin waitlist?

  1. My dream bag is an Hermes Birkin 30cm with PH hardware... undecided about color so far but leaning towards gold or one of the red shades! Probably in Togo or Chevre.

    Anyway, after reading all the information stickies, I just learned that "K" will be for the year 2007 (my initial!) and that is the year I'll complete all my medical training too... so, I was just talking with DH about it and he grudgingly thought that would be a reasonable gift - yay!!

    So how does this work? The city I live in doesn't have an Hermes, and I've only dropped in on them when travelling so no one knows me. The nearest one is 3 hours away, and it's not a full store (it's a leased boutique inside another store)... now that DH has okay'ed a 2007 one, I need help in how to go about this when no one knows me there. Thanks!
  2. I have heard of some people being able to call a store and speaking to a manager to explain your situation and that you would like to be on the list or considered for a 30cm birkin if one should come in. Problem is -most, if not all, Hermes boutiques do not ship. However, since this is a leased boutique it may be different. For instance, my birkin is on order through my NM, which also has a Hermes section. They will ship and take order, but they have an incredibly small inventory. They get about 5 birkins a year- so you have to wait a bit longer and don't get to special order.

    My best suggestion is to call that boutique and find out its policies. You never know- you could just get lucky!
  3. Hey Jag, if you end up buying a croc Birkin through NM, isn't that going to be TONS of InCircle points?
  4. I would think they do have to know you really. You can try calling them and explaining things as was suggested. Good luck with that.
  5. I think they do need to "know" you. The Birkin is a very popular bag, and so many people call and enter stores looking for it and nothing else. Each store gets only a certain # of them, so they like to reserve them for loyal customers who appreciate other Hermes products. However, if a Birkin is the only thing you want and if you're unsuccessful with being able to find or order one, try or (did I spell that right?). I think they're reputable sellers, although their prices are definitely higher than in the Hermes stores. But you don't have to wait, and the bags are either new or in excellent used condition.
  6. Are you serious about NM? My NM SA is out of town until Aug. 7th.....Need to give her a call!!
  7. My advice is to make ONE road trip out to your nearest Hermes, find a SA and make a purchase (scarf, small leather item.) Explain your situation and see what they say. Good luck!!!
  8. Thanks ladies - will be going to the nearest city for a conference in about a month, so I'll pop by the Hermes and see what they say. It's a leased boutique inside a Holt Renfrew (similar to Saks and Neimans in the US), and I'm a good customer of theirs, but maybe I'll try buying a scarf and seeing what happens.

    Not too keen on going the re-seller route since I want the whole Hermes experience!

    LOL, it's not that I *only* want a Birkin, but DH thinks that if I'm already buying these bags before I'm 30, that I'm going to be a nightmare later! I would like to get a Kelly later, but it's a bit too formal for me at this age I think.
  9. I'm 27, and I have 2 Kellys. I don't think they're "too formal" for people my age. I wear scrubs to work 5x/week, and I think my Kelly, esp. my black clemence one doesn't "clash" with my clothes. Also, they're easier to find than a Birkin, so if you want to build a rapport with a SA and know that you'll eventually want a Kelly, maybe you can inquire about those, too. Another advantage: lots of boutiques will ship Kellys, unlike the Birkin. Good luck!
  10. You should be fine, Tweetie. Let us know what they say!!