Does Hermes no longer sell the small, open bags that the SAs have?

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  1. I dont know what they are called, but all the SAs have them in black box. They are like a gusseted pocket on a shoulder strap. What are they called? Are they still available?
  2. It is called an Onimaitou. I have one in orange chevre (which I am listing shortly). It is actually very functional!
  3. Yes, they're still available. These days they've been seen in swift, box, and eversoft. Some stores have them in the home furnishings section for some reason. I'm thinking of getting one myself!
  4. Does anyone have a pic?
  5. Yes pics please.
  6. I know which store you shop in, so try the 3rd floor, in the glass case by the register.
  7. Ninja Sue pic please??!!!
  8. It is a great bag --- I gave one in Vermillion boxcalf to a friend and she wears it constantly, because it is hands-free.
  9. [​IMG]

    Is this it?

    Picture from
  10. Yep.
  11. Thanks Kelly_Birkin
  12. Does it work across the body? I was also wondering about (dare I say!) a small waist type bag...I have a Gucci one I wear for fairs, etc. and I know LV has a little one and also saw in Chanel in LV the SA was wearing one holding pens, etc..
  13. Thanks! I will make my way upstairs and check it out.
    I know this is sort of a silly item, but I was thinking it would be a good "walking around" bag, just large enough to carry a cell phone and house keys when you have no pockets.
  14. I think CDL has something similar for sale right now.
  15. These are cute.Thank you for the pic:smile: