Does Hermes make yellow Birkin and Kelly?

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  1. I saw Hermes Leather book in store.After I went back home, I realized I hadn't seen any yellow leather in it.

    Does they make any yellow bag?

    Thank you.
  2. I mean the regular leather,not wildlife.
  3. I think they did at one point. I saw an older Kelly on eBay (from a few years ago) in yellow. Or maybe it was a special order.:shrugs:
  4. Special order? more hard to get........
  5. They have...yellow just is not continually produced. Am I saying that right? You know certain things that are always available. I think you would have to put in a request/SO at your boutique and then see if that can be done for you. It depends if it is being offered.
  6. i've seen a yellow in epsom leather. really nice.
  7. ok, I will call my SA.
  8. I'm not sure if it's currently in production other than Special Order. I have a yellow watchband and a Courcheval Kelly.

  9. Pazt, I really really really love the yellow corc Birkin which shows in your signature,but corc leather is not suitable for me......
  10. Thanks for posting the pic for me.It's really really nice colour.How lucky you are~~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you don't mind, how long it takes you to get this bag? Is this the only kind of yellow Hermes makes?
  11. ^^^^^^I believe that's a saffron croc. Jaune is currently available, but mostly in epsom.
  12. HERMES, HG is right - my friend's HAC is a croc in saffron color. it does have brown color undertones, more than yellow. it's very pretty!
  13. Could you post the pic for me? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to see it
  14. Thank you for the info