Does Hermes Make Collars for Cats?

  1. I've got Ragdoll kitties, one 13 lbs. and one 19 lbs., and am wondering if Hermes makes collars that would fit my furbabies. I've seen a small dog collar, and think that one might fit my larger kitty.
  2. They do make cat collars with little bells. It might fit the 13 lb. cat, but the 19 lb. cat may need a dog collar.
  3. I believe they do, although the ones I saw may have been for small dogs, however, I think it said "chat" on the tag.
  4. ^ ah! see, I knew HG would know!
  5. They also make the CUTEST little silver tags in clochettes for use as "pet tags", but I saw a lady with one on her 45 Birkin...apparently she had her name and number engraved on it, and had it hanging as a luggage tag - tres chic!
  6. Hello, MillStream:smile: Drew sends greetings to your Babies:heart: :heart:

    If you can't find a kitty collar, consider a doggie collar and have it converted....if they can punch more holes in a belt and cut it down and stitch it, surely they can for a collar, don't you think:yes:
  7. I don't really know, but such fashionable cats you'll have if yes!
  8. I'd LOVE a collar for Muffin.....

    But I'm not sure she really needs one.....:p
  9. Thanks, HG, I'll ask my SA if they've got a couple of collars for my babies.

    Greeting to Drew from Bagels and Lox, isus! Does Drew have any Hermes trinkets?

    GF, silver tags in clochettes would be the perfect accessories for the collars I hope to find.

    ShopMom, as I understand it, Muffin can order one online herself if she wants one.
  10. MillStream, all Drew has is brown H ribbon. And, he says he feels like a king with his fabulous Mouse&RibbonTail toy. I tie it to some catnip mice he has....and I take the "tail" of the mouse and toss the whole thing across the floor and Drew chases it as the tail is long and stretches out and kind of swivels across the floor and he loves to chase it.
  11. Ooh, I'd love to get an Hermes cat collar for my darling Ragamuffin kitty...
  12. I spoke with my SA this afternoon and she said she'd have to go down to the basement and to the equestrian area. For some reason, the cat and dog items are stored with the equestrian items. Here's hoping she'll find some treats for my furbabies. Here are they are:
  13. What beautiful kitties!
  14. Thanks, Sophie! They're brothers and littermates, and love to hang out together.
  15. Yep, my store has all the dog and cat items with the horsey stuff. Everytime I see the little dog coats, I chuckle.......