Does Hermes make a wallet like this?

  1. Hey ya'all- so Christmas is coming up (okay it's still a ways off but I'm already contemplating :p) and once again my grandma has no idea what to get my grandpa, who is nearly impossible to buy for. So in my insidious plot to make the world a little more orange, I'm thinking that perhaps he would benefit from an H wallet. He's been using the same Coach one for years and years and with a lovely coffee stain splotch on top, it's time for it to go. So now the question: does H make a wallet like the one below? I love my slim card case, but my grandfather is a man with many, many more cards, so it needs to have a large gusseted area on one side and preferably two slots on the other. And if H makes such a wallet, does it come in box and how much does it go for? Thanks!

    (The one pictured is actually mine that I used many moons ago. It now leads a comfortable life sitting in my dresser holding business cards :p)
    September Assorted 001.jpg September Assorted 004.jpg
  2. I'm not sure if they make such a wallet with a huge gusset. Maybe yes for a checkbook. I've seen several variations of men's style in the H store but can't really help, best if you go in and ask for help. Btw, hang on to that wallet, they really don't make them like that anymore other than at H.
  3. ^haha actually that's a Coach exactly like the one my grandfather has :yes: If it was H I'd definitely be using it :p
  4. Hey,
    I just found something like that off a Japanese reseller site, 3rd row, all 3 of them ... I hope you find it! Sending you good vibes!
  5. Snazzy!! I'd totally use that. ;)
  6. Oiy- those are gorgeous but I really need something more pocket-sized :drool:
  7. Maybe you can try the smaller Dogon?