Does Hermes know who the resellers are?

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  1. Hello!

    Does Hermes keep a list of people who buy Hermes to re-sell?

    So I wonder what happened? This woman was told she could not purchase it because she is a re-seller?

    p.s. I did get the kelly! I'll post pics when I get it:yes:

    edited at poster's request
  2. yes they know they have a blacklist that is to be checked and updated regularly. so either they look that up or the name of the resellr is that well known that it was obvious
  3. 2nd what Lilach said.

    Now wanting to see pics of the Kelly! Yeah!!!!
  4. That is interesting! Lucky for you mn! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Hi MnPL, congrats on your new Kelly!!! :yahoo: Yes! Please post pics! :flowers:

    hee hee, maybe the woman who almost bought the bag is.....

    Createurs Deluxe!:nuts: ;) Lucky you!!!:wlae:
  6. are too funny!!!

  7. Hi,

    if this is the case, that resellers are blacklisted, then how are resellers that have a high reputation for selling the real thing able to get their bags and in such quantities? I don't want to mention specific sellers but you all know who is on my mind.
  8. ^^ They buy them from other people who get Birkins frequently and easily. BIG network of consigners.

    MN - is this the sweet Kelly I think it is? If so, it's TDF!!!!!!
  9. pictures!! I understand the the resellers have people who also buy for them...and they get paid for their work hence the markup....times two...
  10. HALEY'S COUTURE , HERMES GALLERIA, SAC EXOTIQUE have been listed on as resellers in Palm beach HERMES and they have been blacklisted. We have informed that the owner Roslynn Matthew is also blacklisted, so her story about having gotten that first birkin at Hermes Palm Beach (in her book), is FABRICATED.

    And in addition to being "resellers", Roslynn Matthew is a CON ARTIST who has defrauded a number of people by selling them a VERY GOOD hermes copy (aka a fake)
  11. That is so interesting they keep a list. I wonder how many people are on their list. I bet the re-seller who tried to buy the kelly felt stupid when she got caught.

    IN any case, I got the kelly and am so excited!!!! :yahoo:

    It is a 28cm rigide, turquoise chevre Kelly with Palladium hardware. I will post pics when my friend sends it to me. SHe is picking it up next week.

    I can't wait!!!!
  12. That's the one!!! it's truly gorgeous and if I didn't have my Birkin it probably would've come home with me!
  13. They call it the "Bad People List" or something. I think every store has one and some stores have an international list of them. Most resellers try to get around that problem from getting people to buy for them and then pay them a commission for doing so, actually I was told that some resellers hook up with the SA and pay them a "kickback" fee?:wtf:

    Turquoise anything is gorgeous, but I do think turquoise looks stunning in bags! It's on my to-get list too, but won't come around to that until after my pink platoon is completed:yes: Wouldn't it be nice if they can get turquoise in croc, ostrich, and lizard?
  14. also some vip customers sell birkins (offered to them by their boutique that they do not like but buy just to resell) to resellers for a little pocket money to buy more birkins they truly love or as an extra income that their husbands do not know of .
  15. Wouldn't these customers be in trouble if the boutique finds out?:wtf: