Does Hermes have my purchases on record?

  1. I'm sure I could just call and ask but the PFers :heart:always know all the little details :yes:

    So, I wonder:
    will my recent Hawaii (2 stores) and my home store purchases all be recorded with Hermes computer so that they see what I have purchased? It would be nice to know I am "in their system" when I call to inquire about my next (NOT MAJOR!) item.
  2. This is a good question! I would like to know too. I make purchases On Madison and I shop for most of my stuff in Manhasset and now I have added the Vegas location and the Washington location to my list of stores I purchase from
  3. I don't know...I wonder that too. Will my local boutique "see" if I buy something elsewhere? Mmmhh...
  4. Yes. They are connected national wide (world wide?)...I guess...b/c my SA at east cost could look up things that I bought in CA. I was amazed. My SA said if someone (any Hermes SA) tries to look up, it is possible to look up things that you purchased at Hermes in oversea as well:shocked: . I don't know how...
  5. Which SA do you work with in Washington?
  6. It's a guy, I forget his name!!!!!! :amazed: It's in my office in my rolodex, I'll tell you in the morning, one thing,.. he's sweet,. he helped me find my Mousellin Scarf that Lavan has. He went outta his way. What a sweet heart. So far I purchased the scarf and a bracelet from him. I have to update my santuary!!!!
  7. We all have customer ID numbers. They can look up our info that way.
  8. What if you paid using different credit cards? Or if they didn't ask for your information? I've heard some members say that their info. wasn't asked when they paid.
  9. My SA said they don't have my purchase records ... just my name in the system. What I noticed is that whenever I buy things, SOMETIMES my name shows on the receipt and sometimes it doesn't. I think it depends on whether the person who is ringing you up wants to look you up and whether your name is even inputted in the first place.

  10. Yep - I've experienced the same, Kou.
  11. interesting Q?

    i'll go to check with my local store in Australia too
  12. i think that they can. i use 2 different credit cards and both of them are in my file or whatever.
  13. from what i heard, they could track what item sold on a specific store so I guess all the sell record are in the system? (nationalwide)
  14. My customer ID is the same regardless of payment method. My SA recently pulled up all my purchases to get our "history" together and told me that not everything came up, though.
  15. I can tell you my experience...I went to my local store when checking on my waitlist situation and they did not have record of any of the previous purchases that I made. (from bag, to scarf, to perfume etc.) I specifically asked that question when I went. They said they do not keep past records. So, I have to believe them because I asked two different SA's to make sure, in case one did not know. Maybe that is my store only...who knows?