does hermes allow baby strollers inside?

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  1. sorry to ask a stupid question :shame: but i think i read somewhere that one louis vuitton boutique didn't allow a stroller inside, and i was wondering if hermes was like this too. i was thinking of going tomorrow to look for a wallet before the price increase.
  2. They love babies at H! Gave my granddaughter stickers after oohing and aahing over her. She was quite a sight w/H stickers she put all over herself while we walked through the mall.
  3. Oh yes!
  4. Don't worry, you can go in an hermes store with a baby stroller. It's the same in Louis Vuitton Stores.
  5. YES! Both Hermes and Louis Vuitton! Been there, done it!
  6. thanks ladies! :smile:
  7. yes, you can....
  8. Strollers, babies, dogs, cats, whatever...

  9. :police: Wish I had gone in there when my son was a baby...he had a habit of grabbing small objects and I would sometimes find them in the stroller later on.:sweatdrop:
  10. In LV too they are really nice with kids in strolley and they would help you to come in!
  11. Cat lead anyone?
  12. Oh definitely! Some of the SAs recognize my baby more than they do me! LOL
  13. Thanks again i dont have to find a babysitter, lets see what i come home with tomorrow :yes:
  14. Good luck for toorrow!!
  15. Hermes definitely allows baby strollers (& so does LV).....Have a great time