Does Hermes accept...

  1. Amex Gift Cards? I received one as a gift and thought that someone had said that they wouldn't accept them at H, but just want to make sure? Thanks in advance!
  2. Amex GCs work just like an AmEx.... so I don't see why not... :confused1:
  3. Hmm, I think they should, as I was given a Natwest (Bank in England) Gift Card, which was like one of those, and that worked :biggrin:!
  4. OK, thanks! I'll try it!
  5. Yes!!! They do accept them!!!
  6. :biggrin: watcha gonna buy?
  7. Whew, good news! I have one, too!
  8. Cynthia, what are you going to buy?

    Thanks for the information about AMEX giftcards,
    it's definitely good to know. :smile:
  9. Thanks for the excellent news!! I have some AMEX points and was thinking about an AMEX gift card...good news to hear that H will accept them! :woohoo:

    Cynthia, BTW, congratulations on the twins!! Yeahhhh! What a wonderful 2008 you will have! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. they didn't the 2 times i tried. sorry. i know wall street for sure doesn't.
  11. Uh oh....that stinks... :tdown:

    Thanks hlfinn!
  12. Wall Street doesn't accept Amex GC? Really? Wow...I find that odd as I always thought that Amex GC is accepted everywhere Amex is accepted? (Did I sound like a commercial or what?!;)) IT's just I've always used my Amex Gold there. Anyone???
  13. Oh craperooo!!! I thought someone had mentioned that, so the good news is that I'm not crazy. The bad news is that I have to think of somewhere else to spend the money. :hysteric:

    Petpringles, I use my Amex for payment there often as well. Not sure what the deal is with the gift card, but oh well.
  14. What about calling AMEX and asking? Maybe someone got a SA who said No rather than check store policy.
  15. i thought that too but for some reason they wouldn't do it. i hate amex gc's. they never work. something about the code in the front. maybe someone else can try and see if it works. i had 3 of them and had the hardest time using it. they even gave me trouble at old navy.