Does heat stamping take away value?

  1. I'm about to have my 2nd lv item heat stamped. Do you think this takes away a lot of value from the piece? Just wondering...I plan on keeping these items forever, agenda and wallet, I don't want to have any of my handbags stamped, just these small personal items. Whaddaya think?
  2. I guess it would detract from the resale value but since you are keeping them I think it adds personal value. I love heat stamping and want to get my Speedy stamped. :flowers:
  3. I've wondered this too. I think if you are going to keep them then why not? If I were interested in a bag and it was heat stamped with someone else's initals I would probably pass.
  4. Most definitely if you plan to ever resell it- however, for luggage pieces, the MC Noe, and some Antigua bags the leather address tags make a great, removable place to put a heatstamp and are easily replaceable.
  5. I think if you were planning on selling it, it would be hard unless someone had the same initials. But since you are keeping it, it is a very nice touch.
  6. :yes:
    i agree. if you intend to keep it, by all means, have it stamped:flowers:
  7. I agree - having the item heat stamped will reduce the resell value, but since you don't care since you want to keep them, I'd do it! Have you taken a look at the "heatstamp club" in the lv clubhouse?! A lot of those heatstamps look SO nice!!!
  8. If you're planning on keeping it, I think it adds to the value. I have my agenda stamped and am really glad I had it done. :heart:
  9. how much does it cost to have it heat stamped?
  10. For resale yes.. but the sentimental value is worth it ! :yes:
  11. its free LvGirrly :heart:
  12. ITA!
  13. I definitely think it's worth it, especially on smaller items. Most small accessories aren't worth reselling anyway. I don't think I'd ever want to sell my bags (although I'm a boy so styles don't change as often) but I would think that if it was a super big deal, the price it costs to have Louis Vuitton replace the leather might be a good investment versus the loss of resell value. A rare bag with perfect leather would fetch quite a bit more than a super-used one, I would suspect. :smile:
  14. Agreed. :jammin:
  15. I never thought of it that way. You're so smart!!:king:
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