Does he work?

  1. Jess is in NYC right now or was.. does her hair dresser just work for her?
    I mean he's always traveling with her, so how doe she have time to have a salon/or work at one?

  2. I'm not loving that outfit.....

    Is someone standing directly behind her? Looks like there is another purse right behind Jessica's??
  3. Can't answer. Too distracted by Jess' outfit. Did she get dressed in the dark?!
  4. omg, what is she wearing? she looks like a hippie!!!
  5. I'm not loving that outfit either. But I like the purse :shame:
  6. I think that she should have her stylist travel w/ her all the time too.
  7. Ken Paves is her hairdresser AND new business partner....they are releasing the Jessica Simpson Hair Extention line any day now.
  8. probably her mom

    i think ken paves only does jessica and ashlee's hair at this point. he also has a mass market product line and works for magazines...and like someone else said, the extention line they're coming out with.

    i actually adore her sweater, but it would've looked cuter with jeans and brown boots...and you know, in the fall.
  9. there is someone behind her, u can see there shoes.. she cant dress on her own..havent u seen the newleyweds? LOL she use to wear big sweats and huge tshirts with her uggs in 100 degree weather wonder she has a personal stylist.
  10. I guess after her freakout of the newlywed show when her stylist couldnt make it she figured to put him on payroll 24/7
  11. Hair - Good
    Sunglasses - Good
    Sweater - Good
    Bag - Good

    Pants - God help us!
  12. If taken the same day as the picture on People magazine, beneath Jessica Simpson's loose sweater is a form-fitting dress -- it's actually quite nice.


    A day after making a splash at the CFDA awards in New York City, Jessica Simpson leaves her Manhattan hotel decked in a form-fitting Jean Paul Gaultier-designed dress – the same whimsical outfit she wore last June in Los Angeles.
  13. Jennifer Aniston's always with her hairdresser too, gossip magazines said that his clients are extremely unhappy b/c he's never around for them.
  14. that's one loud print!
  15. Ditto. :yes: