Does He Know Your Size ?

  1. Does your Husband or Boyfiend know your size ?
    Shoe size
    Bra size
    Dress Size
    Jeans etc...
    My Husband knows my bra size :shame: and my dress size but tends to forget my shoe size.

    How about you?
  2. haha, no! (Im single!)

    but my ex knew I was a size 4, and a 7.5 shoe.

    On a related note, I LOVE when guys try to guess your size/weight and are totally sincere in guessing WAY less than what you are. :smile:

    some guy who was teaching a running class I was in, guessed my weight at 100-105, and I seriously should have hugged him. :-P lol.

    I'd guess that my girlfriends know my sizes more than any guy would. :-P
  3. Yes

    He knows me too well....
  4. I think my boyfriend knows that I take a size small in shirts, and he probably knows my bra size - but that's about it! :P
  5. Yup. He knows all of the above.
  6. no he more interesting in getting them off lol
  7. No, no, no and no...:lol:
  8. Yes to bra and shoe, not sure to clothing sizes, though. Sometimes I don't even know my own clothing size :lol:
  9. My husband knows my ring size, possibly bra size and that's it. I have a weird shaped body, so the sizes get all over the place. My legs are too long and my torso is very short, so I typically wear a petite on top, and tall for bottoms. It is a total nightmare at times!
  10. He knows my shoe size, and I would guess that's it!
  11. That happens to me too!!! I just die laughing when it happens. One guy told me that he couldn't see me weighing more than 115 and was completely sincere. I just started laughing- because for me, at 5'10, there is no way that I weigh that!!!

    Hey Vlad, which of my sizes do you know? ;)
  12. He know my bra size, that's about it :lol:
  13. Great question Pradasmeadow. Let me ask him....
  14. Much to my surprise.........Yes! I ask and he knew them all. Learn somthing new everyday!............
  15. Wow !! Im glad I could help :lol: