Does having workman in your house drive you nuts?

  1. Just as I am getting used to living in our townhouse, a hot water pipe decides to leak and create mold in the ceiling that went un-noticed until today, because it was above my rather tall china cabinet which has all my antique china in it, plus figurines.
    Luckily my china cabinet wasn't ruined, but my living room in in disarray and I had to move all the china out so the guys could move it. I just don't trust workman with my furniture and my husband (the chemist) is having a fit over the mold and how it is removed-saying it can cause brain damage, bronchitis you name it.
    I know it has to be fixed and there are worse problems in the world, but I am fussy about my china cabinet and I hate having everything disorganized and laying around while there are literally "bulls in my china shop".
    Sorry about the long post, but I needed someone to vent to and I know you guys appreciate nice things.
  2. Oh fendigal, I completely understand! I get this helpless feeling when there are strangers in my house fixing something or installing something new and when a room's in disarray because you had to move everything first, especially when it's your prized possessions! It's like your world, once organized, is temporarily out of order and it drives me nuts too!

    I get this way with the cable guy, plumber, deck contractor, you name it.

    I just try to think positive and remember that the issue was caught before it got worse and ruined something. And I also try to remember that these repair guys have seen it all with people's home and really couldn't care less about our possessions. That doesn't mean they want to intentionally damage anything, it just means it's not a huge deal to them and they are just focused on their job and getting the mold fixed.

    Not sure if that makes sense - ? I hope the mold is cleaned and your cabinet gets put back together soon! Again, I'm glad you caught it now before anything got ruined!
  3. Ugh 2 years ago I was crazy enough to have two bathrooms completely demolished and redone AT THE SAME TIME. It took weeks and all the BANGING, the DUST, the NOISE, the people coming in and out of my house! It was horrible! I just wanted them to finish and get out of my house LOL. Nothing is the same until you're finished.
  4. Thank God, I was beginning to think I was the only one. In doesn't seem to phase my husband!
  5. Drives me nuts, too! My husband took last week off from work to work on my website, and he heard someone upstairs (the computer room is in the basement). He went up to see, and it was a plumber who had come to fix the toilet, but came to the wrong house!
  6. I hate when I'm home and there are people doing work that I can hear or I feel the vibrations of.
  7. yes, it sure does. i feel like my privacy is invaded and i feel like i have to babysit them so nothing goes missing.
  8. Same here. 4 months ago, someone was putting in a new reader? thingy for my AC... I felt weird.
  9. Yep, it takes a lot of time & energy to have things done - even if necessary. We recently remade the garden and had a stone patio fixed, including a lot of drilling and sawing - the noise, the dust, the mess - and this was not even in the house... So I imagine the stress of having huge things done inside, among your precious things... Ugh.:yucky:
  10. Well, that's just scary!!
    Luckily it is over now and life has returned to normal. However, we still need to get a door fixed one of these days. I'm not looking forward to that at all, but it is better than a leaking water pipe.
    I agree about having to babysit workers, my DH always pretends to be chit chatting with them, but he is usually there to make sure they do a reasonable job.
  11. Actually, it isn't so scary where we live. People here don't lock their doors, we can ride our nice bikes down town and leave them leaning up against the building outside (unlocked) while we go to eat, and no one messes with them. It's a small town (6,200), and very safe.:yes:

    Glad the work is done in your house and things are back to normal!:flowers: The door job shouldn't be too bad.
  12. Wow, I can't believe there is still a place where you can leave doors unlocked. Philadelphia I think is up to 235 or more murders this year. I live in a nice area outside of Philly, but you still have thugs living within comfortable driving distance. Fortunately or unfortunately we don't have the biggest fanciest house in our subdivision, so we might be less of an attractive target. I still keep the doors locked and we have a german shepherd, who makes an excellent alarm system.
  13. I couldn't believe it when we first moved here, either. And when you come to the corner to cross the street, the cars STOP and wait for you!:nuts: Weird, huh?

  14. Same here, Pippi! Not everyone leaves their doors unlocked, but most do. My husband came from a family who did lock their doors. I drove him nuts forever because I was constantly leaving things unlocked. I grew up on a farm where NOTHING was ever locked!

    Fendigal, I feel your pain! I'm exactly the same way. I just cannot tolerate having workers in the house.

    Don't even get me started on house guests....:rolleyes: I HATE having house guests!
  15. Coming back from lunch today, one of my coworkers was attempting to cross the street and this lady in a Landrover nearly ran her down. We were a half a block from a hospital, it is unreal how people drive in Philly. NY is worse, as the last time I went, the cab driver came within 2 inches of a Towncar, I just closed my eyes.:sad: