Does having a Birkin = having style?

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  1. I saw some photos of a so called celebrity the other day in a magazine. She was dressed in clothing that looked expensive and she carried her Birkin in more than one photograph.

    However though she did carry a very expensive bag, she did not come across as being very well put-toghether. She isn't very tall is somewhat overweight and the way she had dressed did nothing to maximize her assets. My overall impression of her was "Ugh....but nice bag"

    Have you seen anyone with an expensive bag that prompted that reaction?
  2. I am impressed by stunning, well put together ladies ( I am a mom of two who stuggles to look 'acceptable'). When I see a less put together woman with an H bag (usually myself reflected in a mirror), I marvel at the bag. I like the fact that people 'use' their H bags day to day without feeling the need to dress up for it.
  3. I'm with Rose. I'm also a mom and struggle with my "look." Couple with working from home, I have little inclination to look put together on a daily basis. I love my Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags but I do not get all dressed up to wear them.

    Possessing an Hermes doesn't automatically scream style or class, it generally shouts, "expensive."
  4. Hmmmm, I guess you could ask, does the bag make the woman or do the clothes make the woman?

    Having a Birkin, in and of itself, doesn't automatically equal style. It's how one carries oneself in general. There are some who like the sloppy, dissheveled look, and there are others who are so put together they look overdone, like they're trying too hard, and there are others who dress very simply and uncomplicatedly and look like a million. Here in Switzerland, most (not all) of the women I've seen carrying Birkins tend to be youngish, with a casual, relaxed style, yet chic and hip at the same time. The women I've seen carrying Kellys (which I saw more of in Paris) struck me as refined, dignified, dressed with a tweedy elegance and more haute bourgeois. Many of them were also older women.
  5. This term, haute bourgeois, stuck out to me as not relating to my idea of "who carries a Kelly," although I try not to have preconceived notions of who should be doing what, where, why, and how. I looked it up on and was interested to note that not only does it describe being middle-class, but also being materialistic! Food for thought.

    1.a member of the middle class. 2.a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability. 3.a shopkeeper or merchant. –adjective 4.belonging to, characteristic of, or consisting of the middle class. 5.conventional; middle-class. 6.dominated or characterized by materialistic pursuits or concerns.
  6. Ugh - but nice bag - I'm sure that fits me perfectly!
  7. i think anyone should wear whatever they want. no a Birkin doesn't automatically make you stylish, though many of the women wearing them ARE stylish so it helps enhance that for sure. Birkins and Kelly's [and most Hermes products, really] just scream EXPENSIVE. not because you might know their value per say, but because the quality is second to none and it shows.
  8. Haute bourgeois = upper middle class. It's not an unflattering term.

  9. Yes, I noted that, but somehow whenever I read the word "bourgeois" I never get a good feeling, KWIM? Perhaps it's just perception. Just my opinion.

    I guess my answer to this thread topic is no, simply purchasing a Birkin or any H, for that matter, doesn't give you style. It might give you good taste, but to have style you need to put more thought into your whole appearance and wardrobe, IMO.
  10. To me, Owning/Buying Hermes has nothing to do with style or taste. Style for me has always been something that comes from innate sensibility that you are graced with at birth.

    I also think Taste can be refined through books, magazines, the eccentric aunt, etc...but...not style. You've either got or you don't. (Just my opinion though.)
  11. I would agree, it's your perception. I was making an observation the same as any French person would make, not passing judgment. The *average* working class Frenchwoman does not carry Hermes bags. Women from the upper classes, however, do. Despite Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité, France (as in many other parts of Europe) is still a class society.

  12. No
  13. I am one who lacks innate style. I am trying to learn from the action thread but putting things together just doesn't work for me. I can't buy the shirt off the mannequin, I have to buy the whole darn outfit or else I won't know how to put it together. I'm also a big girl so I don't automatically attract "positive attention" but then my goal in life is to not attract attention. I would never survive as a celebrity and I failed miserably in art. But guess what, I walk with a bounce in my step when I carry my birkin, but it really is just for me. (and my car's worse than a honda accord, it's a car that my teenagers learned to drive on and we now have two large dents in it)
  14. i don't know if i have "style" per se, but i try to be presentable everytime i go out and i believe toting a H bag deserves a little "clean up". the bag alone speaks volumes, at least dressing up neatly (even in sweats) counts.
  15. Very well put! ITA