Does H make a card holder?

  1. I need a card holder just for nights out when I don't want to bring my whole wallet know, out for dinner, to the club etc. so I can fit some credit cards and small amount of cash in my clutch. Does Hermès make a credit card holder? If they do, what's it called? Pictures are more than welcome!! Thank you!
  2. The Clarisse PM is nice for this. I don't have one, but I know other members do. It's about the size of a LV pochette cles.
  3. i know they have business card holders- one looks like a little envelope. i looked at them the first time i went in.
  4. Yep, they do a really plain one in buffle gala in the men's section...I love that one.
  5. They have a few CC wallet/pouches type leather accessories. I have a Guernesey CC wallet in raisin chevre mysore but here's a pic of it in yellow epsom, from LZ.

    Or you can go for something like this. It like a wristlet. Very handy, esp if you only need to carry some cards and a bit of cash, as you say. (Pics also from LZ).

    And again from LZ, here's a nice, simple one, in boxcalf no less.:love:
  6. ^^^
    Oh I love the Guernesey CC you know its measurements? And what is LZ? It's so pretty... :love:
  7. The card holder above (yellow) is just big enough to accommodate credit and/or business cards (it is small).
    LZ = luxury-zurich...
  8. Oh they have a lot of stuff on their website...:graucho:
  9. O:huh:o:huh:OOoo...I like that EVEN more :yes:! It can keep coins. And :love:LOVE LOVE LOVE:love: the pink! Anyone know what it's called? How long ago did you get it and how much was it, if you don't mind me asking? If you do, just PM me. Thanks!
  10. That's a really great item, mizzle! Fab colour too, I might add!:love:
  11. Not at all. I got it in January and it was $600. Pretty pricey for such a little thing, but it's really practical, and after a while, you forget what you paid...I think it's the same size as the Clarisse pm, which is about 300-400, but this one holds more--it has some give because it snaps, whereas the Clariss zips.
  12. Thanks, SN!
  13. I think I'm in :heart: now...