does gulliver/swift leather ages well?

  1. Dear Ladies,
    Experience with gulliver/swift leather over the years, anyone?
    I understand that it's the same leather, just under the new name.
    Also, I was told that previously bags in gulliver were always lined in gulliver,
    what remains the same for swift.
    Thank you in advance:yes:

  2. With proper care and regular spa treatments with your local craftsman, it holds up great. It refurbishes beautifully.
  3. Thank you, HG!

    Do you know if it stays matte as it is originally, or becames more shiny as the gime goes and after the treatmens? Also, I'm wondering if the gold color will darken a little or not...

  4. ^^ HG knows this because she saw me drop off a gulliver market bag that looked like it had been stampeded by a heard of bison, and she was there o see me pick it up all clean and spiffy.

    will post a pic this evening so you can see some well aged gulliver.
  5. Actually, DQ, I also have a Gulliver bag that looked like it was stampeded by bison too and it refurbished beautifully when I got it back.

    I would say the color deepens slightly with age. Although I was told by a SA that some of the lighter colors will get a slight "greying" effect as it picks up dirt from contact and use.
  6. Thank you Ladies,

    Hopefully the gold swift I got will wear well and age gracefully :yes:

    It would be very interesting to see the pictures.

  7. here ya go, elena -- the pic of the inside gives you an idea of how much wear it had before the refurbishing. there's a close-up of one spot that didn't come out completely -- it was quite prominent, and is now just a shadow. but my favorite thing is how soft and velvety the gulliver is -- i find it to be a very tactile leather, and i'm certainly sold on it from a refurbishing perspective.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Thank you for posting the pictures, DQ
    I think it looks great, the leather is clean and slightly shiny... Good news!
    The thing I like the most about this swift is how it feels to the touch - so luxurious. It's great to know it keeps well.
    What color is your bag? It looks paler than gold, but maybe it just the lighting.

  9. This is very good news indeed!! I love swift! Good to know I can fearlessly acquire more (well, at least one more) bags in this. It's too buttery soft not to love.
  10. I had a Bolide in Gulliver, and the corners scuffed almost immediately; whereas now I have a Swift Birkin which I have used non stop since September, and the corners are still perfect....I asked my store manager about this, and he confirmed that Swift has been improved and is more durable than Gulliver was.....
  11. i have not had any corner problems with my birkin since I got it (aoorix 3 months). I also don't see any scratches and mine is a lmed color: orange. The leather is super soft but it is more durable than you would think. I love it
  12. I'm a big fan of swift too. I've only had mine a short time so I can't comment on the aging process, but I can tell you it truly is buttery soft and has a nice slight sheen to it. I was told if I get any minor scratches on it it can be rubbed off with my finger. I'd definitely get another bag in swift.
  13. Does swift come in most all colors?? Is it hard to come by? I think that's what my bearn is made of and it's wearing very very well....
  14. I believe so, and it's getting pretty popular, so it's not that hard to come by.

    The lovely craftswoman at my store told me she has a gulliver bag and likes it very much. I believe she's had it for quite a few years. She's really good at her job, so I'm trusting that if she's going to buy a bag in this leather, that's a good sign.

    I love my swift Birkin. I love how rich the havane color looks in it!
  15. It's just so great to become enlightened about the leathers and learn so much here!! Good which bag???!!! And which color??!!!