does gucci sells xtra shoulderstraps?

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  1. I'm looking for a medium bag to take with me when I'm travelling (not too big but not too small either).

    I loooove the medium abbey and I was wondering IF GUCCI SELLS ADDITIONAL SHOULDERSTRAPS so I have the possibility to swap between on the shoulder and across the shoulder -> it would be easy if I visit a museum etc.

    There are two rings at the side so technically it wouldn't be a problem.

    Here's a pic:
  2. Hi Leslie... Well I have asked Gucci before and asked if they had extra straps or straps for sale. I also asked if they would change straps on a bag. They said no to both. But no harm in calling and asking as well I guess.

    Are you going on holiday? Want to take me with you? :graucho:
  3. thanks kavnadoo! I think I'm going to go to the gucci-store next week and ask about it.

    Jeej, that would be so fun :nuts:! I'm going to london to do some 'early' christmas-shopping :wlae:! but I think my wallet isn't going to be so happy about it!

    hehe, I'm shopping for my shopping trip ... is that bad :sweatdrop:?
  4. I do that all the time! Had to buy a new swimsuit when going to Mexico, a new Gucci messenger to go to Asia, and a new Snoopy suitcase when coming home... :shame:
  5. Hehe.... I like the sound of that. Shopping for the shopping trip! :graucho: Hope to see some pics when you get back. When do you leave?
  6. okay first of all: yay so great TPF is back online:woohoo:! I'm such an addict to this site:p!

    I just read that women are good for the economy ;) .

    I'm going to london on monday november 12th YAY! I definately post pics when I get back! I really want a pair of shoes (or more :graucho:), we don't have all the great designers here in Belgium (like louboutin, manolo, jimmy choo, guiseppe zanotti ...) so I'm soooo excited!!!!! I think when I'm gonna go to harrods or selfridges I'm gonna flip when I see all those shoes and bags!! but I need to save some money for the sale as well ... dilemma dilemma!
  7. I loove doing that :wlae:!

    my excuse is: we only live once!