Does Gucci sell official catalogues like LV does?

  1. Hey Gucci fans!

    I was wondering if Gucci sell official catalogues like LV does? I'm in Japan and I used to buy LV catalogue (that came with an additional boolet for pricing) for 1050 Yen (around $9)..straight from the shop. I never had the chance to ask the SAs yet...and I live faraway from the store too :push:

    I was also wondering if the LV stores in the states also sell LV catalogues? If so, how much? Cuz from what I know, they don't sell the Gucci/LV catalogues in Thailand.

  2. No, I don't think Gucci sells official catalogues like LV.

    Yes, they sell the LV catalogues here also. You can order one from the 1-866 number or many times the SA will give it to you free if you are also purchasing something.
  3. In my country both are not selling catalogues, i have never heard about that
  4. i know gucci mails catalogs to you every season :smile: they are super cute!!!
  5. They sell LV catalogues?? i never knew!

    anyway, from experience, i just get a copy of the Gucci catalog from the shop. but it's only the seasonal catalogue. i've never seen anything as complete as LV's.