does gucci ready to wear go on sale during NOV sale too?

  1. I know at end of Novemeber, there's normally a Gucci sale, so I wonder if ready to wear goes on sale during that time too? is it 30% off or 40% off?

  2. Is this a sale at the outlet or at the store? I've never seen stuff on sale at the store, but I'd love to see it!
  3. It is at the store, but only on select styles, and the classics do not go on sale.

    Yes, I do think there are also ready-to-wear on sale, but I do not know how good the selection is.
  4. Thanks for clarifying that about ready to wear. I hope there's a great selection this year. I didnt want my SA to think I will only buy from him during the sale :p

    and to Soxfan, it is in store ( at least in the USA) and it is not really publicly announced or promoted.

    I digged up one thread, you can read through it, it's pretty cut throat for the gucci sale IMO, unless you buy online (online sale is more limited than store sometimes). Or you just happen to be right place at the right time with a great SA :heart: