Does Gucci re-line their bags as a service??

  1. Hi!! I've been browsing this forum a little bit, but I haven't seen an answer to my question so here goes:

    I love vintage Gucci. I'm a collector of totes and clutches. I have quite a few, but mine are mostly lined with the reverse of the canvas (I guess you could technically say unlined) or with the leather/suede material.

    I gave my mom a leather(?) lined vintage bag which had never been used. That's now starting to feather/ravel. I found another bag like that one, but it's much more used and the inside was already feathering and flaking.

    I warned her and I didn't give it as a gift. She recently gave it back because the feathering and flaking was just too much. It was getting on her belongings inside, on her fingers, hands. Lil blue flecks everywhere.

    Is there something that can be done about that? Will Gucci reline the bag for a fee?

    I don't want to get rid of it because the outside is PRISTINE and gorgeous. However, it's basically unuseable now due to the flaking.

    Does ANYONE have any experience with this, or having them re-line the bag??

    Cost? Time? Prohibiting factors??

    THANKS in advance.
  2. I have no idea but from vague memory of previous posts I would think they could do *something* about it. It would cost you of course..they'd send it to Italy etc. ANother alternative might be to take it to having a blank moment and can't think of what kind of leather/shoe repair or something) and ask them if they could put something in. It wouldn't be gucci of course but it'd be something. I would check with Gucci first.