Does Gucci make scarves?

  1. If they do, what sizes? Every time I try to go on the Gucci website, my computer screws up!
  2. Yes, they do. But unsure about the sizes.
  3. yes they do, long ones for draping around your shoulders to those smaller ones that you tie around your neck.
  4. I have a Gucci black floral scarf and its long enough to tie around my neck, or as a headband. I love it. The colors are amazing and the ends are hand finished. I also have a Gucci scarf on my scarf bag. I think the quality of their scarves is great. Nice thick silk, beautiful colors.
  5. i have a vintage Gucci scarf and i :heart: it! I have a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and i tie it around the handles and its so cute! :yes:
  6. Yes they do, there's some really cute ones on the site for fall right now!
  7. yes they do.. in several sizes as i've seen

    i have one, long with Gucci logo alll over it, i'll try to post a pic today .
  8. Yup, they have scarves.. my mom has a lot.
  9. since the gucci page doesn't work for you, i copied them. hope you can see them now. :smile:
    gucci.JPG gucci 2.JPG gucci 3.JPG