does gucci just sell dustbags?

  1. does anyone know if gucci would just sell one of the dustbags??
  2. I don't think so, but you can always call and ask for one.
  3. I was wondering this myself. I have no idea where my Gucci dustbage went and I wanted a new one.
  4. Hmmm, I don't think so... But there's no harm in asking....
  5. Don't forget to let us know what they say! I need one for my new used bag...
  6. i don't think that they do coz i bought in one of my gucci tote bag for a linning repair and i asked if they have dustbag as i have lost mine, they said no. and that they don't give out dustbag. maybe other cities Gucci are different.
  7. That's a good question, the nicest Gucci Customer Service I have seen in in NYC. They were really nice and helpful when I had a return and also repair.
  8. nope, they don't sell or give u a free dustbag.. last year i bought a Gucci pochette bag in Gucci Boutique, Venice, Italy and it doesn't come with a dustbag so i asked them if they could give me one but they didn't.
  9. Me too - I bought a small Gucci bag last week and there was no dustbag. They didn't even have any extra to give me.
  10. i called the NYC one and the lady who i spoke to said if you stop in with a receipt for your bag and they have an extra dustbag in the back then they will give it to you. otherwise you can't get one. :sad:
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