Does Gucci have a cleaning service?

  1. Hey tPFers!

    I was wondering if Gucci has a cleaning service? I bought one of my bags last year and the silver-belt part of it is turning black :sweatdrop: I was hoping they'd have the services like Tiffany&Co. but maybe I'm asking too much :p

    Thanks in advance!
  2. they do...but according to my SA it's not worth it! hehe she said it was way to expensive and they dont do a kick ass job either, instead most gucci boutiques will recommend a nearby drycleaner that specalizes in high end designer bags! :smile:

  3. ^^ Exactly.. my SA recommends a drycleaner close by for my bags and even a shoesmith to seal my shoes if needed
  4. Call Gucci and see what they recommend.
  5. Thnx y'all for the help!!!
  6. My SA told me they use an upscale dry cleaner for some of their luggage pieces. Just a thought...