Does Gucci ever go on sale?

  1. I've never been interested in Gucci until now, since I have been seeing some beautiful bags I like. I was wondering if Gucci ever goes on sale? I want (don't laugh b/c I think it's cute) the black on black belt bag. I would like to know if that ever goes on sale before I pay retail for it.
  2. yes, Gucci goes on Sale I think twice a year.
  3. The black on black one is part of their classic collection, so I don't think it goes on sale. It is usually just the ones that are in the seasonal colors.
  4. Gucci does go on sale. In fact, I bought a gorgeous pair of black heels that are to die for at the last sale they had and a black on black wallet for my sister (i think this was in May). When I was at the last Gucci sale they had bags, shoes, wallets and much more. I saw a few black on black bags (even leather bags in many colors).

    I am sure if you call your local Gucci boutique they would be able to give you the months and this way, you can save up till then!
  5. June and December. The major stores also have sales on them around the same time. This June, Saks had Gucci 40% off one week earlier than Gucci had its 30% off sale. The most sought-after styles won't be on sale, but you'd be surprised how much stuff is.

    Patiently (ha!) waiting until December for my patent Britt bag......
  6. Do the sales extend to their Web site? Or only brick and mortar?
  7. Also, I don't know where you live, but Gucci does have outlet stores with discounts from 20- 40% off. Go to and click locations to see if there is an outlet in your town. I live in NYC and there is an outlet about 1 hour out of town.
  8. I think the closest Gucci free stand and brick and mortar is in Chicago which is a hefty 5 hour drive on good days. Grrrrr I wish tthey would put good stores here.
  9. They do also have the sales on their website but the discounts do not go as low as in the stores.
  10. I don't think the belt bags go on sale ever because they're not seasonal. Maybe if you were looking for one in the "seasonal" colours like the turqoise leather one they had awhile back. But black on black like you want or the brown/beige won't go on sale.
  11. yes Gucci goes on sale
  12. You can find Gucci on SALE at Neiman's but they are usually picked over by the time the sale comes around!
  13. There is also a GUCCI store at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI - probably about the same distance as to the one on Michigan Ave. in Chicago.
  14. does gucci sales gon on in Singapore or Hong Kong? when will that be?
  15. there are gucci outlets around, and the stuff can be pretty cheap!