Does GUCCI ballet/ballerina shoes run big or true to size?

  1. hi,
    I'm considering purchasing a pair of GUCCI ballet/ballerina shoes online but not sure if GUCCI ballet/ballerina closed toe in the canvas material run true to size or if they run big?I'm usually an 8.5 in US size in most shoes.thankyou,any information would help.
  2. I have the royal flats in mono gg fabric and I normally wear a 5. In these particular flats, I had to get them special made in a 4 just to fit me. I also have lots of other flats from them where I had to special sizes because my normal size would not fit. My SA told me that they normally run big. When she tried the 5 on they fit her and she is normally a 6. I would say they run big based on my experience.
  3. Yes, they run big. I'm usually a 5.5 but I just purchased three pairs of gucci shoes last month and two were 4.5 and one in 5. I wouldn't buy it online without trying it on at the store first.