Does greige turn yellow?

  1. I know it's probably a little early to ask this, but does the greige turn yellow with light, sun?
  2. I hope not and if it did yellow a little I doubt that you could see it. Mine is beige toned more than gray. I adore Greige. It is my favorite. It has so much depth and it's such an unusual color, it goes with everything and the leather is yummy.
  3. I hope not:s

    Powder, are there variations in the greige color? Mine seems pretty grey and dont see any beige in it. I agree with you, love the color and leather:love:
  4. Mine is more grey I think and very veiny - the way I like 'em!
    ooohhh, hope it doesn't turn yellow...
  5. I think it's probably still to early but would have been good to know.
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