Does gold hardware wear well on Kelly?

  1. Hello again!

    All of my jewelry is yellow gold, so yellow gold hardware would be my preference on a Kelly bag.

    1) Is the gold hardware on Kelly bags plated with real gold or is it merely gold-toned metal?

    2) How well does the gold hardware wear? Does the gold plating wear off the turnkey, etc? And if yes, how soon or is there a remedy?

    3) Would it look incongruous if a person was wearing all yellow gold jewelry and yellow gold watch but had silver hardware on the Kelly?

    4) I was hoping for an orange Kelly, but I am wondering how it would look with gold hardware. I have only seen orange with silver hardware.

    Thank you all in advance. I greatly appreciate any insight that you can to share with a Kelly novice like me!
  2. Plating is of the highest quality, and I rarely have seen it tarnish even on vintage bags. It can always be polished with a jeweler's "rouge" cloth.

    I believe that mixing up white and yellow is more interesting and do it everyday with jewelry, so what the handbag hardware is doesn't bother me as it does some. I am pretty compulsive about many things, but this isn't one of them. I go for the vibe of the whole outfit.
  3. cowbelle, I solve the hardware question by mixing up what I wear with the Kelly. I have an old silver coin mounted in a gold frame on a gold chain. This gives me a mix of gold and silver so I can wear this with Kellys of both hardware choices.

    If you look on your other thread you'll see a pic I posted of a black Kelly with gold h/w. I feel it looks just fine and as to gold h/w on an orange bag, yes, that would be beautiful, as well.

    It's all YOUR personal preference.
  4. Those are great questions to those of us who are still learning about H bags.
  5. I recently had a Kelly from 1984 and hardware was not dull or chipped. Even the lock which was brass came back from Hermes very shiny.
  6. My Kelly's all have Gold hardware (except my Chocolate) and they are pristine. They do scratch but the plating as never come off.