Does Gladys ever come out of the closet anymore?

  1. Girls,
    I pulled poor Gladys out of the closet yesterday and decided she needed to be carried, I felt bad as she hardly ever gets to see the light of day! She looked Marvelous!
    Gladys owners, do you carry her often?
  2. Wow, looks like Gladys is one rare girl here!
    Anyone? Hello? Gladys? LOL!
  3. You know, I accidently received a black Gladys by accident a few years ago. I had phone ordered what I thought was a Black Edith and the SA sent the Gladys. I immediately returned it, because I was looking for the Edith. I have since wished that I had kept that bag, the leather was beautiful, it was on sale, and it was a great size, it was the middle size, I think. She (Gladys) is a very chic bag.:yes:
  4. I'd love to see a picture!
  5. The only Gladys I remember is the one on sale at NM last year. She was big and two toned, cream and off white?

    The black on you received llson was she two toned? AND a medium size? Whoa I bet it was a pretty purse?
  6. I copied (borrowed) this pic from the Chloe reference library--just like this one, only black--the leather was incredible.

  7. ^^Yes llson, thanks!
    Mine is the taller 3 zip Black - I agree the leather is incredible.
  8. I haven't seen this bag before, its gorgeous! I think you should def dust it off and take it for a spin pursesuader!
  9. they have a gladys left at overstock....but way overpiced considering how old it is!
  10. ^^ Thanks Mona, eBay also has them from time to time!
    I have carried Gladys for a couple days now and have gotten 2 compliments!
  11. I love the black gladys.....
  12. anyone have modeling pics of this bag??
  13. lil bump to request pics!!
  14. lil bump. im also curious if any gladys owners can check to see if their bags have a chloe engraving on the zip pulls??