Does Fuchsia or Pink hold as good as the original brown colour?

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  1. I am with thinking of getting a new wallet, i would like to have it with interior in original brown colour. However, the model i am interested in only available with interior in Fuchsia or Pink, i am wondering if Fuchsia can hold and stay as good as the original colour? Is the colour easier to get faded or peeled off?
  2. I have a fuchsia and mono Clemence that's been used regularly and doesn't show any signs of fading or peeling. I know that the lighter colors such as Mimosa and RB can be prone to showing soiling just by their very nature but other than that the dyed leathers used in many of the SLGs are quite hardy.
  3. I also have a mono/fuchsia clemence as my every day wallet, it is 1 year old now and it looks like new.
  4. Thanks. How about button colour peeling?
  5. Clemence doesn't have a button, it has a zipper so no worries there :smile: