Does send out a shipping notification?

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  1. I ordered a few things from last week. I got a confirmation email right away, but I haven't yet received a shipping notification. Do they not do that? Or are they just really slow at shipping things?
  2. I've ordered a few times from F21 and sometimes they send out a shipping notice and sometimes they don't. Did you set up an account when you placed the order? You should be able to log in and see if it has shipped.
  3. I didn't even think about that. Duh! Thanks. :smile:
  4. Everytime that I have ordered, they have sent a shipping notice. It may take several days.
  5. I went and checked online. It should be here tomorrow! :smile:
  6. I've ordered multiple times from Forever 21, and they never send me a shipping notification. I always have to go in my account and look for it.
  7. In my experience, no, they do not send them.
  8. Good to know!
    I just placed an order with them!
  9. Perhaps try calling or emailing their customer service to ask them.