Does Flat Ironing your hair every few days make your hair fall out?

  1. I don't know if it's a myth or not or if there has been any studies done on this but i heard if you flat iron your hair a lot/Often that in the long run when you get older you will start to lose your hair more than usual...anyone heard of this? my friend told me and i started getting scared =(
  2. hm... well when you are flat ironing you arent touching your roots so I don't see how hair loss & flat ironing are correlated. The only thing is the flat ironing is damaging to the hair (as in frying hair, creating split ends, etc) so that is why we try to lessen those effects by spending $200 on the best flat irons $$ can buy.
  3. And make sure it is a ceramic one- with ceramic paddles that is! My sister has a CHI, ran her about $150.
  4. Absolutly not and I used them nearly everyday.

    I use the Kerastase Ciment Thermique protector and my hair feels lovely!
  5. it won't make your hair fall out at the root, but it CAN cause a lot of breakage if you're using a bad flat iron or not protecting your hair (my CHI caused me sooooo much breakage and damage). use a quality flat iron (as most people here well know, i'm a HUGE ghd fan) and products with a heat protectant in them. a deep conditioning treatment or mask can also go a long way towards repairing damage by putting moisture back in your hair.

    my mom used to iron her hair with an ACTUAL IRON back when she was in college, and she still has all her hair almost 40 years later, so i highly doubt flat ironing causes hair loss.
  6. well my hair is naturally dry so when i kept straightening my hair, my ends looked a little blah, i got them trimmed. but now i ease on it. in the summer and warm days i let my hair dry naturally otherwise in the winter i straighten my hair.

    it also takes the right products as my hair stylist has recommended me to keep your hair healthy, as for hair falling out, doubt it. Unless you are using an iron meant for ironing your clothes, as intense heat can singe your hair!!
  7. I iron my hair every single day, and my hair is fine. Like Amanda, I had a lot of breakage with my CHI, but ever since I got the GHD I've been good. Do remember to use a heat protectant product before ironing your hair (I like the thermal protector from GHD), and you should be OK.
  8. Break off, sure but I don't see how it would make it fall out?
  9. I can see how it might cause breakage, but falling out I don't understand. Just make sure you're using a quality iron and a heat protectant product. I flat iron probably twice per week, and I have "problem" hair - very coarse, thick, dry, and color-treated. I use a CHI (I love it and have never had any issues with breakage), and I vary on heat protectants. I've used everything from Tresemme, Argan oil, Kerastase protection spray, Kenra. I think just make sure you're using *something.*