Does Fendi have a sale?

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  1. Hi guys. So I'm really new to Fendi and I'm OBSESSING over the peekaboo after I tried one on in London. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461521574.140334.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461521686.092833.jpg I was so impressed by the fabulous quality and after my dwindling faith in Chanel, I'm looking for an everyday impeccably made bag. In particular the regular peekaboo.

    So does anyone know if any of the Peekaboo's are likely to go on sale at all?

    I have watched Chase Amie's video on YouTube of her fabulous peekaboo and she managed to get a hefty discount.

    Also do any of the fendi outlet stores like the one in Bicester Village (UK) stock the peekaboo?

    I would love some more info on this. I can't get this bag out of my head!!! Thanks guys
  2. I've only seen seasonal peekaboos go on sale, and even then it's a bit rare...

  3. Thanks for the reply :smile: That's good to know. I didn't want to go and buy one at full price, and then it go down to half price in the sale! :smile:
  4. Yes fendi do goes on sales
    Plus selected factory outlets too

  5. Yes....and it happens to be sale season now! Normally it is just seasonal colors but you never know. Check Farfetch, LuisaviaRoma, Selfridges, MatchesFashion, Browns, Barneys, Etc. You can also access Fendi peekaboos in ShopStyle. HTH!
  6. Be careful with their sale items...!!

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  7. My previous post was inside the Fendi boutique

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  8. I was supposed to buy this but of course decided not to... Cant stand this kind of workmanship..

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