Does Fendi Have A Sale??

  1. I know gucci does. Does anyone know if Fendi does? And When? Thanks:smile:
  2. I know for sure that Fendi has sales. I bought a bag 50% off at the end of the year (dec?) the year before in Asia. Mum got one around the start of the year (jan?) last year. So I am guessing around dec-jan would be 1 of their sale times.
  3. Hi..kavnadoo, which part of Asia did you found Fendi sales? Is it Hong Kong?
  4. Singapore.
  5. The Fendi store in NYC has sales too. I know for sure they had a sale on shoes last July. :smile:
  6. Thanks!
  7. I think the one in NY had sale stuff around January, too.
  8. designer sale at NM does
  9. This is true, too! Neimans and Barney's definitely put Fendi bags on sale at the end of the season. Not usually spys though, but you can get B bags on sale from Fendi, Neiman's and Barney's. I think Saks usually puts some on sale, too, but for some ungodly reason our Saks here doesn't carry Fendi (whyy???)
  10. I am 100% sure that Fendi has a sale. The one on 5th Ave. in NYC does. My mom got several bags from there. But don't keep your hopes up for major (if any) sales on Spy's. I think it's more the smaller logo bags that they put on sale.
  11. That's right. The bags I got were small, not very popular ones. Mine was at 50%, mum's at 30% and her's was a moe classic Fendi. I have never seen the Spies go on sale.